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3D Clinical Research

3D Clinical Research Ltd

18E Liberton Brae, Edinburgh, EH16 6AE

Tel: 0131-664-7838   Fax: 0131-664-6794


Registered in Scotland Company number: SC 356566

3D Clinical Research (3DC) has been providing the full range of clinical services since 2001.  Talking to our clients made us realise that there is a plethora of service companies satisfying this market but none appear to be focused on a dedicated rescue and remediation service.   3DC therefore has decided to focus more on what our clients tell us they need and with that in mind we now provide the following services:

1.       Rescue and Remediation

We offer to review and upgrade your filing system in the ISF, file all documents as appropriate, collect and collate any documentation that is missing, remove any duplicates or spurious documentation and present a well-managed, complete file in compliance with the regulations, agreements and regulatory inspection expectations.

2.       Inspection Preparation

We are experienced in inspection preparation at both the sponsor’s premises and the investigator sites.  We will work with you to prepare not only your files but your staff by providing audit, remediation, mock interviews and personal coaching to ensure inspection readiness within a confident and positive workforce.

3.       Training

We offer bespoke training to encompass what your staff need to learn.  We provide ICH GCP, The EU Directives, the UK Statutory Instrument, ISO 14155 (Medical Devices) as well as task-related training, investigator meeting training and personal skills training to suit your every requirement.

4.       Personal development skills for monitors and auditors

Successful monitoring and auditing is about preparation, understanding, focus and relationships.  We can help with all of these by providing either group or individual coaching in personal skills related to these topics that will benefit your staff and lead to a more effective working relationship with those they audit or monitor.

5.       Advice and Consultancy

With more than 30 years in the life sciences arena we offer innovative thinking, pragmatic and practical problem solving and ‘thinking outside the box’.  Use us for independent brainstorming for new ways of thinking and acting to bring life, ideas and energy to the change process.  If what you’re doing doesn’t work then let us help you to change it.

Please note this website is under construction.  Contact Fiona Waddell on +44 (0)131 664 7838 for further information.